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What are the State Health Assessment and the State Health Improvement Plan?

The New Hampshire State Health Assessment (SHA) is a report developed every five to seven years and describes the status of a broad array of issues related to the health of the people in New Hampshire. The SHA has historically been led by the NH Department of Health and Human in partnership with a wide range of partners representing healthcare, public health, safety, education, and other sectors.

The SHA provides the foundation for the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), also developed every five to seven years. The SHIP will guide decision makers in choosing where to put resources that will address NH residents’ greatest needs. Those priority issues are identified from the SHA data review, which included community engagement activities, such as surveys and listening sessions.

How are the SHA and SHIP developed?

The SHA is guided by the State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan Advisory Council established by legislation passed in July 2020 (RSA 126-A:87 and RSA 126-A:88).

The Advisory Council is made up of 40 appointed members from a wide range of state and local agencies. The Advisory Council’s work is facilitated by the University of New Hampshire’s Institute for Health Policy and Practice in partnership with the Community Health Institute/JSI.

The Advisory Council meets regularly, as does its subcommittee on Community Engagement. The groups are charged with providing guidance on the structure and focus of the SHA, and also advising on the priority topics selected for focus in the SHIP.

The SHA and SHIP are developed in accordance with the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) standards.

Why is this important?

The SHA and SHIP are important planning tools for programs and agencies who help improve the lives of NH residents. Health and wellness is impacted by so many things, and in so many places.

The SHA and SHIP provide a centralized vision for how we can all work together so that all people in NH experience optimal health and wellness.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the Advisory Council page on the General Court website to see meeting agendas, past presentations, and meeting schedules.

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