2023-2028 State Health Improvement Plan

The 2023-2028 New Hampshire State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) is based on the 2022 State Health Assessment (SHA) – data reflected throughout this website – and was developed by the State Health Assessment and Improvement Advisory Council (the Council). 

The Council convened four cross-sector domain workgroups convened to create the priorities intended for the SHIP. Each developed a statement to frame the priorities and strategies of focus. Each statement below reflects what people in New Hampshire would experience if the SHIP is successfully implemented.

The priorities, strategies, and action items elevated by the SHIP workgroups and referenced in the SHIP are intended to be implemented with universal conditions that center equity, innovation, partnerships, and data.

The SHIP belongs to every individual, community, agency, and system that has a vested interest in making New Hampshire a place where everyone can achieve their full potential. The priorities and strategies reflected in this document require community- and sector-informed action. By mobilizing the collective action of diverse partners, the SHIP is well-positioned to inform the implementation of culturally-, geographically-, and community-appropriate strategies to break down the inequities that block people from achieving their best health and wellness.

For more information on how to get involved as a SHIP partner to help ensure everyone in New Hampshire has an opportunity to live well, email NHLivesWell@dhhs.nh.gov.